Photo of Eilidh Steel & Mark Neal by a loch

Eilidh and Mark’s performances weave together their own compositions and song writing alongside interesting old melodies and songs from the West coast of Scotland. They captivate audiences through breathtaking airs, thought provoking songs and lively driving tunes along with knowledgeable and humorous stories behind their music.

Both highly respected musicians in their own right, they keep extremely busy touring as well as with their composing, teaching, research and recording work.

www.eilidhsteel.com www.marknealmusic.com

“Eilidh Steel & Mark Neal are leading lights of the folk/roots movement. Their charm on stage is as effortless and accomplished as their musicianship” – Masham Town Hall

“Traditional and contemporary Celtic music genuinely doesn’t get any better than the work of Eilidh Steel and Mark Neal. Simply put, they are players of astonishing quality, the length of their combined and separate CVs alone would be enough to impress the most jaded of critics. This will be one of the greatest gigs of the entire year” – Leith Folk Club